Energy Rates & Energy Audits

Energy Rating, Energy Audits & Thermography

  • Certified RESNET Raters
  • Certified Thermographers
  • Energy Loss Identification
  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Possible Energy Tax Credits
  • Possible Energy Mortgages

Leuthold is your RESNET certified energy rater in Sioux Falls, Rock Rapids, Luverne and surrounding areas. A home energy rating is a comparative analysis of how energy efficient your home is as opposed to other homes. Our certified RESNET Home Energy Raters will conduct a series of tests on your building, including a blower door test and a duct test. This will then generate a score on the Home Energy Rating System or HERS Index. The lower the HERS Index score, the more energy efficient your structure is. We will then provide options for you to increase the efficiency of your home.

In addition, we are certified Class 1 Thermographers. We use thermal imaging to evaluate the level of heat transfer within a property. Simply stated, we detect the level of the thermal insulation within a building to identify any voids or leaks. These leaks will affect the efficiency heating and air conditioning units. This allows us to develop options for clients to explore to increase the efficiency of their building.

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