Time of Transfer Inspection in Iowa

We are certified to perform Time of Transfer Inspections in the state of Iowa. By law, all buildings with a septic system must be inspected prior to sale in the state of Iowa, with few exceptions.

To meet the Time of Transfer criteria, a septic system must have a functional septic tank and soil treatment area. It does not need to meet current construction standards.

If a septic system is creating an unsanitary condition in the environment (i.e. sewage surfacing on the ground), the system must be brought up to current construction standards.

As part of the inspection, the septic tank must be pumped to confirm its volume. If the tank has been pumped within the last three years and the volume has been recorded, it does not need to be pumped again for the inspection.

To assist us with our inspection, please provide us with any records you have available (invoices, permits, pumping records, photos, memories, etc.) The more information you can provide us, the better!

We will provide copies of the completed certified report to all required parties (buyer, seller, realtor/agent, and governmental agencies). Our inspection is valid for two years.

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